About me

Benjamin Schranner


Im Benjamin Schranner and im a hobby java developer from Wuppertal, Germany

This year i became 20 years old and im currently a student of informatics and maths

You can contact me via E-Mail: bejosch(at)schranni.de or you can visit my Youtube channel down below

I realy hope you can enjoy my games and have at least fun by finding bugs ;)


As my main hobby next to reading and volleyball im developing games and plugins in java

After the start via some Minecraft plugins i went on to 'real' java and made many small projects

But only some of them went on to a bigger scale and these are her on this website

As a disclamer i have to say, that im NOT a professional developer and all i do is the best of my knowledge, not more!

I learned java coding only via youtube tutorials and now on the university im getting used to C as well

It makes me a lot of fun for sure, but one big problem are my missing design skills, so please excuse them ^^