Multiplayer, Roundbased, Strategy


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BattelProgress is a roundbased strategy game, with the goal to destroy the enemy headquarter

You have to manage every troup and building as well as your economie

Defend your base or attack agressive, but keep the overview on your plan

Current state

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The game is currently in an EARLY ALPHA state of development!

Many features and plans are not realized yet or not in their final way

There are still a lot of bugs and the balancing isn't finshed at all!


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At release there are 4 modi planned:

1v1 ranked, 1v1 and 2v2 normal queues as well as custom games

Planned as well is a friend and party system to play as a group


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At a later point there are training scenarios against a KI planned

The idear is, that you can choose a special KI and train against her

You should be able to set the KI as agressiv or defensiv as you want