Singleplayer, Minigame, Strategy



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Wasserschlacht is a defense game where you have to place towers in a clever way

You have to survive 20 waves of Cats to win, but it becomes harder and harder over time!

You can upgrade your towers as well, if you have banished enought cats later on

Current state

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Wasserschlacht is my first finished Java game i have ever created and is only available in german!

It is a remake of Plans vs Zombies in a new setting: Water vs Cats

Like all first projects it is far from perfect and very performance heavy! (And it has no settings)


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The idea of this game comes from an IT school project in highschool

With a classmate i created it in 4 weeks in the programming language 'Scratch'

Later after i learned the Java basics, i recreated it in only 3 days with the same graphics